Who Created/Who Modified

A common scenario in application is to mark entities with the Id of the user who created that entity and who last modified that entity.

Ebean provides a convenient way to do this via the io.ebean.config.CurrentUserProvider interface that you can implement.

The interface only specifies a single method Object currentUser(); which will return your typical entity identifier: Long, String or UUID

Notice that Ebean instantiates the CurrentUserProvider by means of creating a new instance.

Example Implementation

This implementation does not work, it's just to provide an idea

 * Returns the current user typically from a Thread local or similar context.
public class MyCurrentUserProvider implements CurrentUserProvider {

  public Object currentUser() {
    // Here you get the user id, from some kind of static
    // context access (session information, thread local, etc..)
    return someContext.getId();


In order to tell ebean which class implements the interface in your application.properties file we need to set the following property: ebean.currentUserProvider=org.app.MyCurrentUserProvider