Getting help

For help post questions and issues to the Ebean github discussions or Ebean google group.

These are monitored by Ebean developers and it's most experienced users and here you will get the best help.


You can alternatively post questions on Stack Overflow tagged with ebean. Note that stackoverflow is more casually monitored due to time constraints. It is fine if you want to post first to stackoverflow and then if you don't get an answer to post onto the google group.

Github issues

For this project we want to use Github issues for Bugs, Enhancements and Refactoring changes. That is, things that mostly tie back to a specific commit change in code.

Complex issues should be discussed on Ebean google group or Ebean github discussions first.

Code Examples

The ebean-orm-examples group contains several example applications from absolute minimal, spring-boot to jax-rs web apps so you can look at those for example code.



Checkout of the videos for a quick view on how certain features work.