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Older versions

Past versions of Ebean artifacts where released using the groupId: org.avaje.ebean and prior to that org.avaje.ebeanorm. These artifacts can be found here and here.

ArtifactId changes

In moving to the io.ebean groupId the artifactId's where changed to follow a simpler naming convention.

New artifactId Old artifactId
ebean avaje-ebeanorm
ebean-agent avaje-ebeanorm-agent
ebean-mocker avaje-ebeanorm-mocker
ebean-maven-plugin avaje-ebeanorm-mavenenhancer
ebean-querybean avaje-ebeanorm-querybean
ebean-hazelcast avaje-ebeanorm-hazelcast
ebean-ignite avaje-ebeanorm-ignite
ebean-elastic avaje-ebeanorm-elastic
ebean-spring avaje-ebeanorm-spring
ebean-jackson avaje-ebeanorm-jackson
ebean-cluster avaje-ebeanorm-cluster