Module io.ebean.api

Class Match

public class Match extends AbstractMatch
Options for the text match expression.
  • Field Details

    • phrase

      protected boolean phrase
    • phrasePrefix

      protected boolean phrasePrefix
  • Constructor Details

    • Match

      public Match()
  • Method Details

    • phrase

      public Match phrase()
      Set this to be a "Phrase" type expression.
    • phrasePrefix

      public Match phrasePrefix()
      Set this to be a "Phrase Prefix" type expression.
    • opAnd

      public Match opAnd()
      Use the AND operator (rather than OR).
    • opOr

      public Match opOr()
      Use the OR operator (rather than AND).
    • zeroTerms

      public Match zeroTerms(String zeroTerms)
      Set the zero terms.
    • cutoffFrequency

      public Match cutoffFrequency(double cutoffFrequency)
      Set the cutoff frequency.
    • maxExpansions

      public Match maxExpansions(int maxExpansions)
      Set the max expansions (for phrase prefix only).
    • analyzer

      public Match analyzer(String analyzer)
      Set the Analyzer to use for this expression.
    • boost

      public Match boost(double boost)
      Set the boost.
    • minShouldMatch

      public Match minShouldMatch(String minShouldMatch)
      Set the rewrite to use.
    • rewrite

      public Match rewrite(String rewrite)
      Set the rewrite to use.
    • isPhrase

      public boolean isPhrase()
      Return true if this is a phrase query.
    • isPhrasePrefix

      public boolean isPhrasePrefix()
      Return true if this is a phrase prefix query.