Module io.ebean.api

Class AbstractMatch

Direct Known Subclasses:
Match, MultiMatch

public abstract class AbstractMatch extends Object
Options for the text match and multi match expressions.
  • Field Details

    • operatorAnd

      protected boolean operatorAnd
    • analyzer

      protected String analyzer
    • boost

      protected double boost
    • minShouldMatch

      protected String minShouldMatch
    • maxExpansions

      protected int maxExpansions
    • zeroTerms

      protected String zeroTerms
    • cutoffFrequency

      protected double cutoffFrequency
    • fuzziness

      protected String fuzziness
    • prefixLength

      protected int prefixLength
    • rewrite

      protected String rewrite
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractMatch

      public AbstractMatch()
  • Method Details

    • isOperatorAnd

      public boolean isOperatorAnd()
      Return true if using the AND operator otherwise using the OR operator.
    • getBoost

      public double getBoost()
      Return the boost.
    • getMinShouldMatch

      public String getMinShouldMatch()
      Return the minimum should match.
    • getZeroTerms

      public String getZeroTerms()
      Return the zero terms option.
    • getCutoffFrequency

      public double getCutoffFrequency()
      Return the cutoff frequency.
    • getMaxExpansions

      public int getMaxExpansions()
      Return the max expansions.
    • getAnalyzer

      public String getAnalyzer()
      Return the analyzer.
    • getFuzziness

      public String getFuzziness()
      Return the fuzziness.
    • getPrefixLength

      public int getPrefixLength()
      Return the prefix length.
    • getRewrite

      public String getRewrite()
      Return the rewrite option.