Module io.ebean.api
Package io.ebean.meta

Interface MetaInfoManager

public interface MetaInfoManager
Provides access to the meta data in Database such as query execution statistics.
  • Method Details

    • collectMetrics

      ServerMetrics collectMetrics()
      Return the metrics for the database instance.

      This will reset the metrics (reset counters back to zero etc) and will only return the non-empty metrics.

    • collectMetricsAsJson

      ServerMetricsAsJson collectMetricsAsJson()
      Collect the metrics in raw JSON form.
         String metricsJson = database.getMetaInfoManager()
    • collectMetricsAsData

      List<MetricData> collectMetricsAsData()
      Return the metrics as a list of MetricData.
    • visitMetrics

      void visitMetrics(MetricVisitor visitor)
      Visit the metrics resetting and collecting/reporting as desired.
    • visitBasic

      BasicMetricVisitor visitBasic()
      Run a visit collecting all the metrics and returning BasicMetricVisitor which holds all the metrics in simple lists.
    • resetAllMetrics

      void resetAllMetrics()
      Just reset all the metrics. Maybe only useful for testing purposes.
    • queryPlanInit

      List<MetaQueryPlan> queryPlanInit(QueryPlanInit initRequest)
      Initiate query plan collection by turning on "bind capture" on matching query plans.

      Also refer to DatabaseConfig collectQueryPlans that needs to be set to true and collectQueryPlanThresholdMicros which is a global defaults that can also initiate query plan capture.

      The query plans that have had bind capture turned on by this request.
    • queryPlanCollectNow

      List<MetaQueryPlan> queryPlanCollectNow(QueryPlanRequest request)
      Collect query plans in the foreground.