Module io.ebean.api
Package io.ebean.meta

Interface MetricVisitor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMetricVisitor, BasicMetricVisitor

public interface MetricVisitor
Defines visitor to read and report the transaction and query metrics.
  • Method Details

    • reset

      boolean reset()
      Return true if the metrics should be reset.
    • collectTransactionMetrics

      boolean collectTransactionMetrics()
      Return true if we should visit the transaction metrics.
    • collectQueryMetrics

      boolean collectQueryMetrics()
      Return true if we should visit the ORM and SQL query metrics.
    • collectL2Metrics

      boolean collectL2Metrics()
      Return true if we should visit the L2 cache metrics.
    • visitStart

      void visitStart()
      Visit has started.
    • visitTimed

      void visitTimed(MetaTimedMetric metric)
      Visit transaction metrics (and L2 cache metrics in future).
    • visitQuery

      void visitQuery(MetaQueryMetric metric)
      Visit DTO and SQL query metrics.
    • visitCount

      void visitCount(MetaCountMetric metric)
      Visit a Counter metric.
    • visitEnd

      void visitEnd()
      Visit has completed.