Module io.ebean.api
Package io.ebean.meta

Interface ServerMetricsAsJson

public interface ServerMetricsAsJson
Collect the metrics in raw JSON form.
  • Method Details

    • withExtraAttributes

      ServerMetricsAsJson withExtraAttributes(boolean withLocation)
      Set to false in order to exclude profile location and sql.
    • withHash

      ServerMetricsAsJson withHash(boolean withHash)
      Set to false in order to exclude SQL hash.
    • withSort

      Set the sort property - see SortMetric
      See Also:
    • withNewLine

      ServerMetricsAsJson withNewLine(boolean withNewLine)
      Set the new line character to use.
    • withHeader

      ServerMetricsAsJson withHeader(boolean withHeader)
      Set to include a heading of the database name.

      When this is false the metrics are written without json array start or array end.

    • write

      void write(Appendable buffer)
      Collect and write metrics as JSON to the given buffer.
    • json

      String json()
      Return the metrics in raw JSON.