Package io.ebean

Class Finder<I,​T>

  • public class Finder<I,​T>
    extends Object
    Intended to be used as a base class for 'Finder' implementations that can then be injected or used as public static fields on the associated entity bean.

    These 'finders' are a place to organise all the finder methods for that bean type and specific finder methods are expected to be added (find by unique properties etc).


    For testing the mocki-ebean project has the ability to replace the finder implementation.

     public class CustomerFinder extends Finder {
       public CustomerFinder() {
       // Add finder methods ...
       public Customer byName(String name) {
         return query().eq("name", name).findOne();
       public List findNew() {
         return query().where()
           .eq("status", Customer.Status.NEW)