Module io.ebean.api

Interface SpiRawSqlService

public interface SpiRawSqlService
Service provided by Ebean for parsing and column mapping raw SQL queries.
  • Method Details

    • resultSet

      RawSql resultSet(ResultSet resultSet, String... propertyNames)
      Create based on a JDBC ResultSet.
    • parsed

      RawSqlBuilder parsed(String sql)
      Parse the SQL determining column mapping.
    • unparsed

      RawSqlBuilder unparsed(String sql)
      Unparsed SQL so explicit column mapping expected.
    • sqlRow

      SqlRow sqlRow(ResultSet resultSet, String dbTrueValue, boolean binaryOptimizedUUID) throws SQLException
      Create based on a JDBC ResultSet.
      resultSet - The ResultSet row to read as a SqlRow
      dbTrueValue - The DB true value
      binaryOptimizedUUID - Flag set to true if the UUID value is stored as optimised binary(16)