Module io.ebean.api
Package io.ebean

Interface SqlRow

All Superinterfaces:
Map<String,Object>, Serializable

public interface SqlRow extends Serializable, Map<String,Object>
Used to return raw SQL query results.

Refer to SqlQuery for examples.

There are convenience methods such as getInteger(), getBigDecimal() etc. The reason for these methods is that the values put into this map often come straight from the JDBC resultSet. Depending on the JDBC driver it may put a different type into a given property. For example an Integer, BigDecimal, Double could all be put into a property depending on the JDBC driver used. These convenience methods automatically convert the value as required returning the type you expect.

  • Method Details

    • keys

      Iterator<String> keys()
      Return the property names (String).

      Internally this uses LinkedHashMap and so the order of the property names should be predictable and ordered by the use of LinkedHashMap.

    • remove

      Object remove(Object name)
      Remove a property from the map. Returns the value of the removed property.
      Specified by:
      remove in interface Map<String,Object>
    • get

      Object get(Object name)
      Return a property value by its name.
      Specified by:
      get in interface Map<String,Object>
    • put

      Object put(String name, Object value)
      Set a value to a property.
      Specified by:
      put in interface Map<String,Object>
    • set

      Object set(String name, Object value)
      Exactly the same as the put method.

      I added this method because it seems more bean like to have get and set methods.

    • getBoolean

      Boolean getBoolean(String name)
      Return a property as a Boolean.
    • getUUID

      UUID getUUID(String name)
      Return a property as a UUID.
    • getInteger

      Integer getInteger(String name)
      Return a property as an Integer.
    • getBigDecimal

      BigDecimal getBigDecimal(String name)
      Return a property value as a BigDecimal.
    • getLong

      Long getLong(String name)
      Return a property value as a Long.
    • getDouble

      Double getDouble(String name)
      Return the property value as a Double.
    • getFloat

      Float getFloat(String name)
      Return the property value as a Float.
    • getString

      String getString(String name)
      Return a property as a String.
    • getUtilDate

      Date getUtilDate(String name)
      Return the property as a java.util.Date.
    • getDate

      Date getDate(String name)
      Return the property as a sql date.
    • getTimestamp

      Timestamp getTimestamp(String name)
      Return the property as a sql timestamp.
    • toString

      String toString()
      String description of the underlying map.
      toString in class Object
    • clear

      void clear()
      Clear the map.
      Specified by:
      clear in interface Map<String,Object>
    • containsKey

      boolean containsKey(Object key)
      Returns true if the map contains the property.
      Specified by:
      containsKey in interface Map<String,Object>
    • containsValue

      boolean containsValue(Object value)
      Returns true if the map contains the value.
      Specified by:
      containsValue in interface Map<String,Object>
    • entrySet

      Set<Map.Entry<String,Object>> entrySet()
      Returns the entrySet of the map.
      Specified by:
      entrySet in interface Map<String,Object>
    • isEmpty

      boolean isEmpty()
      Returns true if the map is empty.
      Specified by:
      isEmpty in interface Map<String,Object>
    • keySet

      Set<String> keySet()
      Returns the key set of the map.
      Specified by:
      keySet in interface Map<String,Object>
    • putAll

      void putAll(Map<? extends String,?> t)
      Put all the values from t into this map.
      Specified by:
      putAll in interface Map<String,Object>
    • size

      int size()
      Return the size of the map.
      Specified by:
      size in interface Map<String,Object>
    • values

      Collection<Object> values()
      Return the values from this map.
      Specified by:
      values in interface Map<String,Object>