Module io.ebean.api

Class TextSimple


public class TextSimple extends Object
Simple text query options.

This maps to an ElasticSearch "simple text query".

  TextSimple options = new TextSimple()

   List<Customer> customers = database.find(Customer.class)
       .textSimple("quick brown", options)

  • Field Details

    • fields

      protected String[] fields
    • operatorAnd

      protected boolean operatorAnd
    • analyzer

      protected String analyzer
    • flags

      protected String flags
    • lowercaseExpandedTerms

      protected boolean lowercaseExpandedTerms
    • analyzeWildcard

      protected boolean analyzeWildcard
    • locale

      protected String locale
    • lenient

      protected boolean lenient
    • minShouldMatch

      protected String minShouldMatch
  • Constructor Details

    • TextSimple

      public TextSimple()
  • Method Details

    • fields

      public TextSimple fields(String... fields)
      Set the fields.
    • opAnd

      public TextSimple opAnd()
      Use AND as the default operator.
    • opOr

      public TextSimple opOr()
      Use OR as the default operator.
    • analyzer

      public TextSimple analyzer(String analyzer)
      Set the analyzer
    • flags

      public TextSimple flags(String flags)
      Set the flags.
    • lowercaseExpandedTerms

      public TextSimple lowercaseExpandedTerms(boolean lowercaseExpandedTerms)
      Set the false to not use lowercase expanded terms.
    • analyzeWildcard

      public TextSimple analyzeWildcard(boolean analyzeWildcard)
      Set to true to use analyze wildcard.
    • locale

      public TextSimple locale(String locale)
      Set the locale.
    • lenient

      public TextSimple lenient(boolean lenient)
      Set the lenient mode.
    • minShouldMatch

      public TextSimple minShouldMatch(String minShouldMatch)
      Set the minimum should match.
    • isLenient

      public boolean isLenient()
      Return lenient mode.
    • isAnalyzeWildcard

      public boolean isAnalyzeWildcard()
      Return true to analyse wildcard.
    • isLowercaseExpandedTerms

      public boolean isLowercaseExpandedTerms()
      Return lowercase expanded terms mode.
    • isOperatorAnd

      public boolean isOperatorAnd()
      Return true if the default operator should be AND.
    • getAnalyzer

      public String getAnalyzer()
      Return the analyzer to use.
    • getFields

      public String[] getFields()
      Return the fields.
    • getLocale

      public String getLocale()
      Return the locale.
    • getFlags

      public String getFlags()
      Return the flags.
    • getMinShouldMatch

      public String getMinShouldMatch()
      Return the minimum should match.