Module io.ebean.api

Interface BeanType<T>

public interface BeanType<T>
Information and methods on BeanDescriptors made available to plugins.
  • Method Details

    • name

      String name()
      Return the short name of the bean type.
    • fullName

      String fullName()
      Return the full name of the bean type.
    • type

      Class<T> type()
      Return the class type this BeanDescriptor describes.
    • beanTypeAtPath

      BeanType<?> beanTypeAtPath(String propertyName)
      Return the type bean for an OneToMany or ManyToOne or ManyToMany property.
    • allProperties

      Collection<? extends Property> allProperties()
      Return all the properties for this bean type.
    • idProperty

      Property idProperty()
      Return the Id property.
    • whenModifiedProperty

      Property whenModifiedProperty()
      Return the when modified property if there is one defined.
    • whenCreatedProperty

      Property whenCreatedProperty()
      Return the when created property if there is one defined.
    • property

      Property property(String propertyName)
      Return the Property to read values from a bean.
    • expressionPath

      ExpressionPath expressionPath(String path)
      Return the ExpressionPath for a given property path.

      This can return a property or nested property path.

    • isValidExpression

      boolean isValidExpression(String property)
      Return true if the property is a valid known property or path for the given bean type.
    • isBeanCaching

      boolean isBeanCaching()
      Return true if bean caching is on for this bean type.
    • isQueryCaching

      boolean isQueryCaching()
      Return true if query caching is on for this bean type.
    • clearBeanCache

      void clearBeanCache()
      Clear the bean cache.
    • clearQueryCache

      void clearQueryCache()
      Clear the query cache.
    • isDocStoreOnly

      boolean isDocStoreOnly()
      Return true if the type is document store only.
    • baseTable

      String baseTable()
      Return the base table this bean type maps to.
    • createBean

      T createBean()
      Create a new instance of the bean.
    • id

      Object id(Object bean)
      Return the bean id. This is the same as getBeanId() but without the generic type.
    • setId

      void setId(T bean, Object idValue)
      Set the id value to the bean.
    • persistController

      BeanPersistController persistController()
      Return the bean persist controller.
    • persistListener

      BeanPersistListener persistListener()
      Return the bean persist listener.
    • findController

      BeanFindController findController()
      Return the beanFinder. Usually null unless overriding the finder.
    • queryAdapter

      BeanQueryAdapter queryAdapter()
      Return the BeanQueryAdapter or null if none is defined.
    • idType

      IdType idType()
      Return the identity generation type.
    • isDocStoreMapped

      boolean isDocStoreMapped()
      Return true if this bean type has doc store backing.
    • docMapping

      DocMapping docMapping()
      Return the DocumentMapping for this bean type.

      This is the document structure and mapping options for how this bean type is mapped for the document store.

    • docStoreQueueId

      String docStoreQueueId()
      Return the doc store queueId for this bean type.
    • docStore

      BeanDocType<T> docStore()
      Return the doc store support for this bean type.\
    • addInheritanceWhere

      void addInheritanceWhere(Query<?> query)
      Add the discriminator value to the query if needed.
    • root

      BeanType<?> root()
      Return the root bean type for an inheritance hierarchy.
    • hasInheritance

      boolean hasInheritance()
      Return true if this bean type has an inheritance hierarchy.
    • isInheritanceRoot

      boolean isInheritanceRoot()
      Return true if this object is the root level object in its entity inheritance.
    • inheritanceChildren

      List<BeanType<?>> inheritanceChildren()
      Returns all direct children of this beantype
    • inheritanceParent

      BeanType<?> inheritanceParent()
      Returns the parent in inheritance hierarchy
    • visitAllInheritanceChildren

      void visitAllInheritanceChildren(Consumer<BeanType<?>> visitor)
      Visit all children recursively
    • discColumn

      String discColumn()
      Return the discriminator column.
    • createBeanUsingDisc

      T createBeanUsingDisc(Object discValue)
      Create a bean given the discriminator value.