Module io.ebean.api

Class SqlErrorCodes


public class SqlErrorCodes extends Object
Used to build a SQLCodeTranslator given DB platform specific codes.
  • Constructor Details

    • SqlErrorCodes

      public SqlErrorCodes()
  • Method Details

    • addAcquireLock

      public SqlErrorCodes addAcquireLock(String... codes)
      Map the codes to AcquireLockException.
    • addDataIntegrity

      public SqlErrorCodes addDataIntegrity(String... codes)
      Map the codes to DataIntegrityException.
    • addDuplicateKey

      public SqlErrorCodes addDuplicateKey(String... codes)
      Map the codes to DuplicateKeyException.
    • addSerializableConflict

      public SqlErrorCodes addSerializableConflict(String... codes)
      Map the codes to SerializableConflictException.
    • build

      public SqlCodeTranslator build()
      Build and return the SQLCodeTranslator with the mapped codes.