Module io.ebean.api

Class DbPlatformTypeMapping


public class DbPlatformTypeMapping extends Object
Used to map bean property types to DB specific types for DDL generation.
  • Constructor Details

    • DbPlatformTypeMapping

      public DbPlatformTypeMapping()
  • Method Details

    • logicalTypes

      public static DbPlatformTypeMapping logicalTypes()
      Return the DbTypeMap with standard (not platform specific) types.

      This has some extended JSON types (JSON, JSONB, JSONVarchar, JSONClob, JSONBlob). These types get translated to specific database platform types during DDL generation.

    • lookup

      public DbPlatformType lookup(String name, boolean withScale)
      Lookup the platform specific DbType given the standard sql type name.
    • put

      public void put(DbType type, DbPlatformType platformType)
      Override the type for a given JDBC type.
    • get

      public DbPlatformType get(int jdbcType)
      Return the type for a given jdbc type.
    • get

      public DbPlatformType get(DbType dbType)
      Return the type for a given jdbc type.
    • config

      public void config(boolean nativeUuidType, PlatformConfig.DbUuid dbUuid)
      Map the UUID appropriately based on native DB support and DatabaseConfig.DbUuid.