Module io.ebean.api

Class EncryptDeploy


public class EncryptDeploy extends Object
Define the encryption options for a bean property.

You can define the encryption options for a Bean property via the Encrypt annotation and programmatically via EncryptDeployManager.

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  • Field Details


      public static final EncryptDeploy NO_ENCRYPT
      Use to define that no encryption should be used.

      public static final EncryptDeploy ANNOTATION
      Use to define that the Encrypt annotation should be used to control encryption.

      public static final EncryptDeploy ENCRYPT_DB
      Use to define that Encryption should be used and String types should use DB encryption.

      public static final EncryptDeploy ENCRYPT_CLIENT
      Use to define that Java client Encryption should be used (rather than DB encryption).
  • Constructor Details

    • EncryptDeploy

      public EncryptDeploy(EncryptDeploy.Mode mode, boolean dbEncrypt, int dbLength)
      Construct with all options for Encryption including the dbLength.
      mode - the Encryption mode
      dbEncrypt - set to false if you want to use Java client side encryption rather than DB encryption.
      dbLength - set the DB length to use.
  • Method Details

    • getMode

      public EncryptDeploy.Mode getMode()
      Return the encryption mode.
    • isDbEncrypt

      public boolean isDbEncrypt()
      Return true if String type should use DB encryption.

      Return false if String type should use java client encryption instead.

    • getDbLength

      public int getDbLength()
      Return a hint to specify the DB length.

      Returning 0 means just use the normal DB length determination.