Module io.ebean.api

Class ServerCacheOptions


public class ServerCacheOptions extends Object
Options for controlling a cache.
  • Constructor Details

    • ServerCacheOptions

      public ServerCacheOptions()
      Construct with no set options.
    • ServerCacheOptions

      public ServerCacheOptions(io.ebean.annotation.CacheBeanTuning tuning)
      Create from the cacheTuning deployment annotation.
    • ServerCacheOptions

      public ServerCacheOptions(io.ebean.annotation.CacheQueryTuning cacheTuning)
      Create from the cacheTuning deployment annotation.
    • ServerCacheOptions

      public ServerCacheOptions(boolean nearCache, io.ebean.annotation.CacheBeanTuning tuning)
      Create with nearCache option.
  • Method Details

    • applyDefaults

      public ServerCacheOptions applyDefaults(ServerCacheOptions defaults)
      Apply any settings from the default settings that have not already been specifically set.
    • copy

      public ServerCacheOptions copy()
      Return a copy of this object.
    • copy

      public ServerCacheOptions copy(boolean nearCache)
      Return a copy of this object with nearCache option.
    • isNearCache

      public boolean isNearCache()
      Return true if nearCache was explicitly turned on.
    • setNearCache

      public void setNearCache(boolean nearCache)
      Turn on nearCache option.
    • getMaxSize

      public int getMaxSize()
      Return the maximum cache size.
    • setMaxSize

      public void setMaxSize(int maxSize)
      Set the maximum cache size.
    • getMaxIdleSecs

      public int getMaxIdleSecs()
      Return the maximum idle time.
    • setMaxIdleSecs

      public void setMaxIdleSecs(int maxIdleSecs)
      Set the maximum idle time.
    • getMaxSecsToLive

      public int getMaxSecsToLive()
      Return the maximum time to live.
    • setMaxSecsToLive

      public void setMaxSecsToLive(int maxSecsToLive)
      Set the maximum time to live.
    • getTrimFrequency

      public int getTrimFrequency()
      Return the trim frequency in seconds.
    • setTrimFrequency

      public void setTrimFrequency(int trimFrequency)
      Set the trim frequency in seconds.