Module io.ebean.api

Class ServerCacheConfig


public class ServerCacheConfig extends Object
Configuration used to create ServerCache instances.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • tenantAware

      public ServerCache tenantAware(ServerCache cache)
      Return the ServerCache taking into account if multi-tenant is used.
    • getType

      public ServerCacheType getType()
      Return the cache type.
    • getCacheKey

      public String getCacheKey()
      Return the name of the cache.
    • getShortName

      public String getShortName()
      Return the short name for the cache.
    • getCacheOptions

      public ServerCacheOptions getCacheOptions()
      Return the tuning options.
    • getTenantProvider

      public CurrentTenantProvider getTenantProvider()
      Return the current tenant provider.
    • getQueryCacheEntryValidate

      public QueryCacheEntryValidate getQueryCacheEntryValidate()
      Return the service that provides validation for query cache entries.
    • isQueryCache

      public boolean isQueryCache()
      Return true if the cache is a query cache.