Module io.ebean.api
Package io.ebean

Interface ExampleExpression

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public interface ExampleExpression extends Expression
Query by Example expression.

Pass in an example entity and for each non-null scalar properties an expression is added.

By Default this case sensitive, will ignore numeric zero values and will use a Like for string values (you must put in your own wildcards).

To get control over the options you can create an ExampleExpression and set those options such as case insensitive etc.

 // create an example bean and set the properties
 // with the query parameters you want
 Customer example = new Customer();

 List<Customer> list =
         // pass the bean into the where() clause
         // you can add other expressions to the same query
         .gt("id", 2)

Similarly you can create an ExampleExpression

 Customer example = new Customer();

 // create a ExampleExpression with more control
 ExampleExpression qbe = new ExampleExpression(example, true, LikeType.EQUAL_TO)

 List<Customer> list =

  • Method Details

    • includeZeros

      ExampleExpression includeZeros()
      By calling this method zero value properties are going to be included in the expression.

      By default numeric zero values are excluded as they can result from primitive int and long types.

    • caseInsensitive

      ExampleExpression caseInsensitive()
      Set case insensitive to true.
    • useStartsWith

      ExampleExpression useStartsWith()
      Use startsWith expression for string properties.
    • useContains

      ExampleExpression useContains()
      Use contains expression for string properties.
    • useEndsWith

      ExampleExpression useEndsWith()
      Use endsWith expression for string properties.
    • useEqualTo

      ExampleExpression useEqualTo()
      Use equal to expression for string properties.