Interface BeanPersistRequest<T>

  • public interface BeanPersistRequest<T>
    Holds the information available for a bean persist (insert, update or delete).

    This is made available for the BeanPersistControllers.

    • Method Detail

      • getLoadedProperties

        For an update or delete of a partially populated bean this is the set of loaded properties and otherwise returns null.
      • getUpdatedProperties

        For an update this is the set of properties that where updated.

        Note that hasDirtyProperty() is a more efficient check than this method and should be preferred if it satisfies the requirement.

      • getDirtyProperties

        boolean[] getDirtyProperties()
        Flags set for dirty properties (used by ElasticSearch integration).
      • hasDirtyProperty

        boolean hasDirtyProperty​(Set<String> propertyNames)
        Return true for an update request if at least one of dirty properties is contained in the given set of property names.

        This method will produce less GC compared with getUpdatedProperties() and should be preferred if it satisfies the requirement.

        Note that this method is used by the default ChangeLogFilter mechanism for when the @ChangeLog updatesThatInclude attribute has been specified.

        propertyNames - a set of property names which we are checking to see if at least one of them is dirty.
      • getBean

        T getBean()
        Returns the bean being inserted updated or deleted.