Class EncryptDeploy

    • Field Detail


        public static final EncryptDeploy ANNOTATION
        Use to define that the Encrypt annotation should be used to control encryption.
      • ENCRYPT_DB

        public static final EncryptDeploy ENCRYPT_DB
        Use to define that Encryption should be used and String types should use DB encryption.

        public static final EncryptDeploy ENCRYPT_CLIENT
        Use to define that Java client Encryption should be used (rather than DB encryption).
    • Constructor Detail

      • EncryptDeploy

        public EncryptDeploy​(EncryptDeploy.Mode mode,
                             boolean dbEncrypt,
                             int dbLength)
        Construct with all options for Encryption including the dbLength.
        mode - the Encryption mode
        dbEncrypt - set to false if you want to use Java client side encryption rather than DB encryption.
        dbLength - set the DB length to use.
    • Method Detail

      • isDbEncrypt

        public boolean isDbEncrypt()
        Return true if String type should use DB encryption.

        Return false if String type should use java client encryption instead.

      • getDbLength

        public int getDbLength()
        Return a hint to specify the DB length.

        Returning 0 means just use the normal DB length determination.