Package io.ebean

Interface ProfileLocation

  • public interface ProfileLocation
    A location for profiling transactions and queries.

    Typically represents a class method in the form of class file and line of code that started the transaction or invoked the query.

    • Method Detail

      • create

        static ProfileLocation create​(int lineNumber,
                                      String label)
        Create and return a new ProfileLocation with a given lineNumber and label.
      • obtain

        boolean obtain()
        Obtain the description returning true if this is the initial call.
      • location

        String location()
        Return a short version of the location description.
      • add

        void add​(long executionTime)
        Add execution time.
      • trace

        boolean trace()
        Return true if this request should be traced.
      • setTraceCount

        void setTraceCount​(int traceCount)
        Set the number of times to trace the transactions for this profile location.