Package io.ebean

Class EbeanServerFactory

  • @Deprecated
    public class EbeanServerFactory
    extends Object
    Deprecated - please migrate to DatabaseFactory.

    Creates EbeanServer instances.

    This uses either a ServerConfig or properties in the file to configure and create a EbeanServer instance.

    The EbeanServer instance can either be registered with the Ebean singleton or not. The Ebean singleton effectively holds a map of EbeanServers by a name. If the EbeanServer is registered with the Ebean singleton you can retrieve it later via Ebean.getServer(String).

    One EbeanServer can be nominated as the 'default/primary' EbeanServer. Many methods on the Ebean singleton such as Ebean.find(Class) are just a convenient way of using the 'default/primary' EbeanServer.

    • Method Detail

      • initialiseContainer

        public static void initialiseContainer​(ContainerConfig containerConfig)
        Initialise the container with clustering configuration.

        Call this prior to creating any EbeanServer instances or alternatively set the ContainerConfig on the ServerConfig when creating the first EbeanServer instance.

      • create

        public static EbeanServer create​(String name)
        Create using to configure the database.
      • shutdown

        public static void shutdown()
        Shutdown gracefully all EbeanServers cleaning up any resources as required.

        This is typically invoked via JVM shutdown hook and not explicitly called.