The following are the platforms supported and the default configuration used for those platforms.

Platform Description
h2 Run using in-memory H2 database.
url: jdbc:h2:mem:{databaseName}
driver: org.h2.Driver
postgres Run against Postgres docker DB.
port: 6432
password: test
url: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:{port}/{databaseName}
driver: org.postgresql.Driver
image: postgres:{version}
postgis Run against Postgres Postgis docker DB.
port: 7432
password: test
url: jdbc:postgresql_lwgis://localhost:{port}/{databaseName}
driver: org.postgis.DriverWrapperLW
image: mdillon/postgis:{version}
mysql Run against MySql docker DB.
port: 4306
password: test
url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:{port}/{databaseName}
driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
image: mysql:{version}
sqlserver Run against SqlServer docker DB with the following defaults.
port: 1433
password: SqlS3rv#r
url: jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:{port};databaseName={databaseName}
image: microsoft/mssql-server-linux:{version}
oracle Run against Oracle docker DB.
port: 1521
password: test
url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:{port}:XE
driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
image: oracleinanutshell/oracle-xe-11g:{version}
hana Run against SAP Hana DB.
port: 39017
username: SYSTEM
password: HXEHana1
databaseName: HXE
url: jdbc:sap://localhost:{port}/?databaseName={databaseName}
image: store/saplabs/hanaexpress:{version}
clickhouse Run against Clickhouse DB.
port: 8123
username: default
password: (empty)
url: jdbc:clickhouse://localhost:{port}/{databaseName}
image: yandex/clickhouse-server:{version}
sqlite Run using Sqlite database.
url: jdbc:sqlite:{databaseName}
driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
isolationlevel: read_uncommitted

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