Module io.ebean.api

Package io.ebean.event.changelog

package io.ebean.event.changelog
Provides a built in change log mechanism and can audit changes.

Although you can build something similar using existing event adapters such as BeanPersistController this is built for purpose to reduce the effort and provide optimal performance for auditing or logging changes.

By default you can annotate beans with @ChangeLog and associated change events are logged by default in a JSON form with appropriate auditing attributes such as who made the changes and ip address of the user etc via implementation of ChangeLogPrepare

  • Class
    A bean insert, update or delete change sent as part of a ChangeSet.
    Used to provide fine grained control over what persist requests are included in the change log.
    Listen for changes.
    Listen for changes.
    Used to assign ChangeLogFilters to bean types.
    Holds a set of changes.
    The type of the change.
    Transaction state when ChangeSets are sent to the ChangeSetListener.