Module io.ebean.api

Interface SqlLimitRequest

public interface SqlLimitRequest
The request object for the query that can have sql limiting applied to it (such as a LIMIT OFFSET clause).
  • Method Details

    • isDistinct

      boolean isDistinct()
      Return true if the query uses distinct.
    • getFirstRow

      int getFirstRow()
      Return the first row value.
    • getMaxRows

      int getMaxRows()
      Return the max rows for this query.
    • getDbSql

      String getDbSql()
      Return the sql query.
    • getDbOrderBy

      String getDbOrderBy()
      Return the orderBy clause of the sql query.
    • getOrmQuery

      Query<?> getOrmQuery()
      return the query
    • getDbPlatform

      DatabasePlatform getDbPlatform()
      return the database platform