Module io.ebean.api

Class DbConstraintNormalise


public class DbConstraintNormalise extends Object
Used to normalise table and column names which means stripping out quoted identifier characters and any catalog or schema prefix.
  • Field Details

    • quotedIdentifiers

      protected final String[] quotedIdentifiers
    • lowerCaseTables

      protected final boolean lowerCaseTables
    • lowerCaseColumns

      protected final boolean lowerCaseColumns
  • Constructor Details

    • DbConstraintNormalise

      public DbConstraintNormalise()
    • DbConstraintNormalise

      public DbConstraintNormalise(boolean lowerCaseTables, boolean lowerCaseColumns)
  • Method Details

    • normaliseTable

      public String normaliseTable(String tableName)
      Normalise the table name by trimming catalog and schema and removing any quoted identifier characters (",',[,] etc).
    • normaliseColumn

      public String normaliseColumn(String columnName)
      Normalise the column name by removing any quoted identifier characters and formula brackets.
    • trimQuotes

      public String trimQuotes(String identifier)
      Trim off the platform quoted identifier quotes like [ ' and ".