Module io.ebean.api

Class ClassLoadConfig


public class ClassLoadConfig extends Object
Helper to find classes taking into account the context class loader.
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ClassLoadConfig

      public ClassLoadConfig()
      Construct with the default classLoader search with context classLoader first.
    • ClassLoadConfig

      public ClassLoadConfig(ClassLoader classLoader)
      Specify the classLoader to use for class detection and new instance creation.
  • Method Details

    • isJodaTimePresent

      public boolean isJodaTimePresent()
      Return true if the Joda types are available and should be supported.
    • isJavaxValidationAnnotationsPresent

      public boolean isJavaxValidationAnnotationsPresent()
      Return true if javax validation annotations like Size and NotNull are present.
    • isJakartaValidationAnnotationsPresent

      public boolean isJakartaValidationAnnotationsPresent()
      Return true if jakarta validation annotations like Size and NotNull are present.
    • isJavaxPostConstructPresent

      public boolean isJavaxPostConstructPresent()
      Return true if javax PostConstruct annotation is present (maybe not in java9). If not we don't support PostConstruct lifecycle events.
    • isJacksonAnnotationsPresent

      public boolean isJacksonAnnotationsPresent()
      Return true if Jackson annotations like JsonIgnore are present.
    • isJacksonCorePresent

      public boolean isJacksonCorePresent()
    • isJacksonObjectMapperPresent

      public boolean isJacksonObjectMapperPresent()
      Return true if Jackson ObjectMapper is present.
    • newInstance

      public Object newInstance(String className)
      Return a new instance of the class using the default constructor.
    • isPresent

      public boolean isPresent(String className)
      Return true if the given class is present.
    • forName

      protected Class<?> forName(String name) throws ClassNotFoundException
      Load a class taking into account a context class loader (if present).
    • getClassLoader

      public ClassLoader getClassLoader()
      Return the classLoader to use for service loading etc.