Module io.ebean.api

Class ServerCacheStatistics


public class ServerCacheStatistics extends Object
The statistics collected per cache.

These can be monitored to review the effectiveness of a particular cache.

Depending on the cache implementation not all the statistics may be collected.

  • Field Details

    • cacheName

      protected String cacheName
    • maxSize

      protected int maxSize
    • size

      protected int size
    • hitCount

      protected long hitCount
    • missCount

      protected long missCount
    • putCount

      protected long putCount
    • removeCount

      protected long removeCount
    • clearCount

      protected long clearCount
    • evictCount

      protected long evictCount
  • Constructor Details

    • ServerCacheStatistics

      public ServerCacheStatistics()
  • Method Details

    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getHitRatio

      public int getHitRatio()
      Returns an int from 0 to 100 (percentage) for the hit ratio.

      A hit ratio of 100 means every get request against the cache hits an entry.

    • getCacheName

      public String getCacheName()
      Return the name of the cache.
    • setCacheName

      public void setCacheName(String cacheName)
      Set the name of the cache.
    • getHitCount

      public long getHitCount()
      Return the hit count. The number of successful gets.
    • setHitCount

      public void setHitCount(long hitCount)
      Set the hit count.
    • getMissCount

      public long getMissCount()
      Return the miss count. The number of gets that returned null.
    • setMissCount

      public void setMissCount(long missCount)
      Set the miss count.
    • getSize

      public int getSize()
      Return the size of the cache.
    • setSize

      public void setSize(int size)
      Set the size of the cache.
    • getMaxSize

      public int getMaxSize()
      Return the maximum size of the cache.

      Can be used in conjunction with the size to determine if the cache use is being potentially limited by its maximum size.

    • setMaxSize

      public void setMaxSize(int maxSize)
      Set the maximum size of the cache.
    • setPutCount

      public void setPutCount(long putCount)
      Set the put insert count.
    • getPutCount

      public long getPutCount()
      Return the put insert count.
    • setRemoveCount

      public void setRemoveCount(long removeCount)
      Set the remove count.
    • getRemoveCount

      public long getRemoveCount()
      Return the remove count.
    • setClearCount

      public void setClearCount(long clearCount)
      Set the clear count.
    • getClearCount

      public long getClearCount()
      Return the clear count.
    • setEvictCount

      public void setEvictCount(long evictCount)
      Set the count of entries evicted due to idle time.
    • getEvictCount

      public long getEvictCount()
      Return the count of entries evicted due to idle time.