Package io.ebean.util

Class StringHelper

  • public class StringHelper
    extends Object
    Utility String class that supports String manipulation functions.
    • Method Detail

      • isNull

        public static boolean isNull​(String value)
        Return true if the value is null or an empty string.
      • delimitedToMap

        public static Map<String,​StringdelimitedToMap​(String source,
                                                              String listDelimiter,
                                                              String nameValueSeparator)
        Parses out a list of Name Value pairs that are delimited together. Will always return a StringMap. If allNameValuePairs is null, or no name values can be parsed out an empty StringMap is returned.
        source - the entire string to be parsed.
        listDelimiter - (typically ';') the delimited between the list
        nameValueSeparator - (typically '=') the separator between the name and value
      • replace

        public static String replace​(String source,
                                     String match,
                                     String replace)
        This method takes a String and will replace all occurrences of the match String with that of the replace String.
        source - the source string
        match - the string used to find a match
        replace - the string used to replace match with
        the source string after the search and replace
      • splitNames

        public static String[] splitNames​(String names)
        Splits at any whitespace "," or ";" and trims the result. It does not return empty entries.