Interface ExpressionPath

    • Method Detail

      • containsMany

        boolean containsMany()
        Return true if there is a property on the path that is a many property.
      • pathSet

        void pathSet​(Object bean,
                     Object value)
        Set a value to the bean for this expression path.
        bean - the bean to set the value on
        value - the value to set
      • convert

        Object convert​(Object value)
        Convert the value to the expected type.

        Typically useful for converting strings to the appropriate number type etc.

      • parseDateTime

        Object parseDateTime​(long systemTimeMillis)
        For DateTime capable scalar types convert the long systemTimeMillis into an appropriate java time (Date,Timestamp,Time,Calendar, JODA type etc).
      • getJdbcType

        int getJdbcType()
        Return the underlying JDBC type or 0 if this is not a scalar type.
      • isAssocId

        boolean isAssocId()
        Return true if this is an ManyToOne or OneToOne associated bean property.