Interface ReadAuditLogger

    • Method Detail

      • queryPlan

        void queryPlan​(ReadAuditQueryPlan queryPlan)
        Called when a new query plan is created.

        The query plan has the full sql and logging the query plan separately means that each of the bean and many read events can log the query plan key and not the full sql (reducing the bulk size of the read audit logs).

      • auditBean

        void auditBean​(ReadEvent readBean)
        Audit a find bean query that returned a bean.

        Finds that did not return a bean are excluded.

      • auditMany

        void auditMany​(ReadEvent readMany)
        Audit a find many query that returned some beans.

        Finds that did not return any beans are excluded.

        For large queries executed via findEach() etc the ids are collected in batches and logged. Hence the ids list has a maximum size of the batch size.