Interface BeanPostConstructListener

  • public interface BeanPostConstructListener
    Fired after a bean is constructed, but not yet loaded from database.

    Note: You MUST NOT set any default values, as in a following step, properties will get unload. Use BeanPostLoad instead.

    it's intended to do some dependency-injection here. If you plan to use this feature you should use Database.createEntityBean(Class) to create new beans.

    • Method Detail

      • isRegisterFor

        boolean isRegisterFor​(Class<?> cls)
        Return true if this BeanPostConstructListener instance should be registered for post construct on this entity type.
      • autowire

        void autowire​(Object bean)
        Called immediately after construction. Perform DI here.
      • postConstruct

        void postConstruct​(Object bean)
        Called after every @PostConstruct annotated method of the bean is executed