Class QueryCacheEntry

  • public class QueryCacheEntry
    extends Object
    For query cache entries we additionally hold the dependent tables and timestamp for the query result.

    We use the dependent tables and timestamp to validate that tables the query joins to have not been modified since the query cache entry was cached. If any dependent tables have since been modified the query cache entry is treated as invalid.

    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryCacheEntry

        public QueryCacheEntry​(Object value,
                               Set<String> dependentTables,
                               long timestamp)
        Create with dependent tables and timestamp.
        value - The query result being cached
        dependentTables - The extra tables the query is dependent on (joins to)
        timestamp - The timestamp that the query uses to check for modifications
    • Method Detail

      • getTimestamp

        public long getTimestamp()
        Return the timestamp used to check for modifications on the dependent tables.